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Question by prabhatsingh2011, Dec 26, 2016 4:43 AM

API to check if Coveo is down and show a proper message

Do we have any api to check if coveo is down ?

Something like We can check if anything is down in coveo diagnostic page and instead of throwing server error in site just display a message coveo is down and we will get back soon.

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Answer by Sébastien Belzile, Dec 27, 2016 10:25 AM


This should already be handled OOTB. If you would like to modify the error message, here is the instructions about how to do it.

The UI part of the code is located at the bottom of the CoveoSearch.aspx file:

<% if (Model.HasErrors) { %>
    <div class="CoveoServerError">
        <h3><%= Model.Labels[LocalizedStringKeys.FRIENDLY_SEARCH_UNAVAILABLE_TITLE] %></h3>
        <h4><%= Model.Labels[LocalizedStringKeys.FRIENDLY_SEARCH_UNAVAILABLE_DETAIL] %></h4>

    <% if (SitecoreContext.IsEditingInPageEditor()) { %>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            Coveo.$(function() {
    <% } %>
<% } %>
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Comment by prabhatsingh2011, Jan 2, 2017 12:06 AM

Will this work even if coveo service /ces /rabbitmq is down ?

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Comment by Sébastien Belzile, Jan 2, 2017 8:12 AM

If the Search service or CES is down: yes.

Your search is not affected when RabbitMQ is down.

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