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Question by ken thomas, Feb 22, 2017 9:33 AM

query count, manual query count, refined query count in reports - why don't they add up? This page defines some of these terms. Per the info on this page: (some items are listed more than once, which seems a bit redundant

Query Count: This metric is simply the total number of queries for the specified dimensions and filters.

Manual Query Count: This metric is the total number of queries performed by users (using the search box) for the specified dimensions and filters.

Refined Query Count: This metric is the number of query refinements done by users (facets, interface change, etc.) for the specified dimensions and filters.

Reading these definitions one might logically assume that query count is the total, and it is equal to the manual queries plus the refined queries.

But, none of the out of the box reports have the numbers for these three that add up as such. Why is the query count not equal to the sum of manual plus refined? What other types of queries are there, and why are these not showing up in the reports in a proper bucket/grouping so that the data makes sense and adds up?

There should be another bucket that includes the grouping of the extra ones that do not fit in the manual or refined buckets (my GUESS is the rest are ones done in code or behind the scenes somehow not done directly by the user typing or clicking).

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Answer by jrochette, Feb 23, 2017 8:58 AM

Manual and refined query counts are based on the "Search Cause" dimension ( Some cause are considered refinement, some are considered manual and some are neither manual nor refinement. This is why adding manual and refinement query count does not add up to the total query count returned by the Query Count metric.

Please note that the search causes enumerated in the documentation linked above are the "known" search causes. What I mean by that is that those are the causes that we know are set in events sent by our JS UI. However, as the Usage Analytics is fully customizable, users have the hability to set the search cause to the value they want. When developping those metrics, we did not see the need for a third bucket "not manual and not refinement". If this is something you would like, please write to to request the feature.

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Answer by ken thomas, Jun 8, 2017 3:58 PM

from the link you gave, these are the 3 types of Search Causes event category
(PerformSearch - refinement)
(PerformSearch - manual)

which ones of these add up into which buckets: Query Count, Manual Query Count, Refined Query Count?

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