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Question by Mike Skutta, Feb 23, 2017 9:56 AM

_latestversion showing "1" for all versions of an item in the coveo_master_index for Sitecore


Creating a new version of an item successfully adds that version to the coveomasterindex. The older versions are not updated with _latestversion=0. They all remain as _latestversion=1. This results in duplicates appearing in results when using the coveomasterindex. One thing to make note of is the Indexed Date, as reported in the Coveo Cloud Content Browser, does not change for older versions of an item when a new version is saved. To me, this indicates that the older versions are not updated when a newer version is added to the index. I checked the sitecoremasterindex and it is updated correctly. Only one version in the sitecoremasterindex has _latestversion=1

I confirmed that the coveomasterindex has the coveoSyncMaster strategy.

  • We are using the Coveo Pro Cloud edition.
  • Current Coveo for Sitecore version: 4.0.895.0
  • Current Sitecore version: 8.1.160519

I have seen this issue reported for the coveowebindex, but not for the coveomasterindex. The noted fixes for the coveowebindex, do not apply as the indexUpdateStrategies are different. I am ruling this out as Sitecore bug as the sitecoremasterindex is working just fine.

I have also confirmed that (@fz95xlatestversion52917=="1") is included in the query.

Note: using the Developer toolbar / Re-index Tree does NOT correct the _latestversion flags… Only the most recent version is updated in the index. The other versions are not updated. I am going to try to do a full index rebuild and will report back.

Thanks, Mike

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Comment by Simon, Feb 24, 2017 8:58 AM

Hi, the only thing I could think about is this:

If it is not related to your problem.. than I would suggest to look with Coveo support because everything you say above checks out.

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Comment by Mike Skutta, Feb 24, 2017 9:44 AM

Hey Simon,

Yeah, that fix does not seem applicable as we are on a version of Sitecore that the noted issue is fixed in. That issue is also for the OnPublishEndAsync strategy. The master database uses the coveoSyncMaster strategy.

Also, I did perform a rebuild of the index. Once the rebuild of the index completed, only the latest version of each item was in the master index. The prior versions were no longer present.

I will open a support ticket.

Thanks, Mike

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