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Question by debu_biswas, Mar 14, 2017 3:55 AM

Query Suggestion and search result page

I have the following specified for my "CoveoSearchBox":

I can see that the query suggestion all works and when i click on a suggestion I am take to the search page where the selected suggestion shows as a searched term and show the results.

But i have the following requirements:

1- When a query term from "Past Queries" is selected, it will issue the query with the selected term (with Boolean AND logic if multiple words)

2- When a query term under category is selected, it should execute a "filter" query to bring the page that falls under that category. The category page should be higher in the results (either first or within top 10 hits). In other words instead of the suggestion "category" selected interpreted as a searched keyword, the search page should show the "category" filter pre-selected from the facets and show the results.

3- If there is only single result hit meaning if the query suggestions just shows a single item from the "Title" group, it should directly take the user to the detail page and not the search result page. It is as if the user clicked on a result item in the search results page.

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