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Question by chrisholm, Mar 15, 2017 1:35 PM

Table not showing data


I have two reports. One which should show case deflections and the other which shows deflection fails. They are in a table report.

For the case deflection successes, I have:

Event Value is not CaseSubmitButton or CaseSubmitAttachButton/Has Clicks is True/and the Origin

The other table has (meaning it has failed):

Event Value is CaseSubmitButton or CaseSubmitAttachButton/Has Clicks is True/and the Origin

The issue is that there is no way that Coveo categorizes each event as a separate value so if a user searches, for example: "Print Error" and clicks on a doc, it is considered a success but if later on, during the same session, they open a case, it is considered a fail.

If I want to show which document did in fact lead to a deflection and which doc did not in a session, how could this be done in a Coveo report? Not a visit card but showing actual actionable data?

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Answer by jrochette, Mar 17, 2017 7:00 PM


This is cause by how the SQL JOINs work. It is normal that it is in both tables, since there can many custom events linked to a search because of the last_search_id field, and that field is used for the JOIN. both filters are actually true, but the do not match the same JOINed events. You can see that it shows up in the first table because of a pagerNumber custom event and in the second because of the CaseSubmit custom event.

By restricting more the filters, I am pretty sure you could achieve what you want. You can add a condtion on the Event Type dimension (somehting like Event Type is CaseDeflection).

Let me know if this helps!

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