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Question by ppande, Apr 17, 2017 5:17 PM

CES Service keeps stopping


I noticed a bunch of CES Service issues in my Sitecore log files recently. Looks like CES service stops frequently for some reason. I need to figure out what is causing this issue. I noticed that the core dumps was growing very fast and I was running out of disk space (C:\Program Files\Coveo Enterprise Search 7\CoreDumps).

Exception: Coveo.Framework.Exceptions.CesUnavailableException Message: Coveo Entreprise Search seems to be unavailable. Please make sure that the service is installed and started. Source: Coveo.AdminServiceClient at Coveo.AdminService.AdminServiceClientWrapper.TryHandleFaultException(FaultException`1 p_Exception) at Coveo.AdminService.AdminServiceClientWrapper.PerformAdminServiceCall[T](Func`1 p_Func) at Coveo.AdminService.AdminServiceClientWrapper.IsFirstTimeSetupDone() at Coveo.AbstractLayer.Communication.CES.AdminModule.InitializeCes() at Coveo.AbstractLayer.Communication.CES.CESCommunication.InitializeCes() at Coveo.SearchProvider.ProviderIndexBase.Initialize(IIndexDocumentPropertyMapper`1 p_DocumentTypeMapper) at Coveo.SearchProvider.ProviderIndex.Initialize() at Sitecore.ContentSearch.ContentSearchConfiguration.AddIndex(ISearchIndex index)

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Comment by François Lachance-Guillemette, Apr 17, 2017 8:03 PM

This error comes from Coveo for Sitecore.

Could you share us the error in the CoreDumps?

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Comment by ppande, Apr 18, 2017 4:21 PM

I can't really attach dump file because it's too big of an attachment even after zipping it. I'm attaching Coveo and Sitecore logs. I'm also attaching some coveo configs.

The issue is happening when I try to view Contacts in List Management. The contacts seem to exist in MongoDB. But are not showing up in List Management. I believe this list is built by sitecore_analytics_index. Not sure why Coveo is getting called for analytics index.

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