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Question by swamcts, Jun 7, 2017 6:59 PM

procedure for uninstalling coveo for sitecore 4

Hi ,

Please let me know complete procedure or documentation link to uninstall the Coveo for Sitecore.

from the below link, I understood that there is no uninstall feature in Sitecore. We need to use package history or some tool, but an not aware of it.

So please let me know the procedure, to do uninstall manually.

If we delete all coveo folders, DLL's and files from sitecore website folder, will do proper un-installation..

\d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\layouts \d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website \coveo


\d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\sitecore modules\Shell\coveo

\d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\sitecore modules\web\coveo

\d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\Views\coveo \d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\App_Config\Include\coveo

Coveo DLL's: \d$\Build\17.04.CN03\Sitecore\Website\bin

If so , how to about the sitecore database master, web,core. to uninstall is any entry we need to delete from sitecore databases.

Similarly, remove folders from file path and removing database entry, is any other thing we need to remove for un-installing.

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Answer by François Lachance-Guillemette, Jun 7, 2017 7:11 PM

The original answer still holds: Just like any Sitecore package, there is no easy uninstall. You simply rollback to an older backup or delete manually the files.

To know exactly what the package installs, you can extract the package with a standard unzipper and see the *package* > *files* path. This should give you all the files that are copied. Have a look at the *items* folder to see which items are installed.

Any specific reason why you want to uninstall it?

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Comment by swamcts, Jun 8, 2017 1:50 PM


We are going to un-install and install it again, since we are facing incrementental issue more than 2 months in our stage environment, luckily dev , Production working fine. We compared coveo files with production all looks same, raised coveo support they also verified coveo files, but not able to identify problem.

Coveo support recommended hotfix, index clean up which also done, but still we are facing an issue.

So we thought re-installing freshly, it may solve the issue.


- we will delete all coveo folders mentioned in package > files path.

is any thing else we need to take care?

how about sitecore databases?

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