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Question by carlos.cenjor, Jan 31, 2018 3:17 PM

Machine Learning and Suggestions and Coveo Cloud 2


we are having problems with the machine learning model and/or query suggestions.

We are providing support to a customer which has developed a custom search engine, and configured a machine learning model with a duration of 3 months with weekly update.

We checked out that they were using the correct pipeline, the machine learning was ok, and for the generation of the model there were queries with more than 10 repetitions and clicks on results from different visit Ids. As explained in:

For that we created a report for checking the last 2 months following this Coveo guide:

We discovered that multiple visit ids had searched "modelo 190" plus clicked on results.

Also confirmed with the customer the model was created several months ago.

The problem is when searching on a search page (that has the omnibox suggest enabled) I can see in the chrome network inspection tab that multiple requests with empty response are done to the Coveo API to the Suggest Endpoint while typing "modelo 190".

We really don't understand why the response is empty maybe there are something we are missing out.

Here are the captures:

Could you please help us?

Thank you in advance!

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Comment by gminero, Jan 31, 2018 3:30 PM

In what environment is this happening and using what product? (For Ex. Coveo for salesforce in a lightning community? )

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Answer by carlos.cenjor, Jan 31, 2018 4:13 PM

The customer is using Coveo Cloud v2 API and implementing a custom developed search engine via Javascript with a Backend to proxify requests (to remove the api token and so on), due to that infraestructure I checked the pipeline was correct and the events were comming through reports.

I just used the online onboard search pages to check there was not any fault in the implementation of the suggest API.

If the provided by Coveo also does not show suggests something happens in the ML config or something like..

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