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Question by dlanglois, Jul 10, 2014 7:07 PM

QRE and StandAloneTextbox


I'm using Coveo7 for Sitecore and JsSearch Interface. I'm using a StandAloneTextbox with the omnibox autocomplete. Is there a way to boost some autocomplete results? Like using QRE, witch works perfectly in my SearchInterface.

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Answer by Martin Laporte, Jul 11, 2014 11:53 AM

The TopFieldSuggestions provides suggestions based on the values of a field on index documents. This is not exactly the same as displaying results (several results with the same value get merged into one). Essentially, under the hood it's not going through the whole query stuff, and so QRE's aren't taken into account there.

To have QREs considered we'd need to use a full query to load the suggestions. I do think it's an interesting use case, and I've added this to our backlog.

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Comment by dlanglois, Jul 11, 2014 1:22 PM

Ok, so there is no release date scheduled?

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Comment by Simon, Feb 16, 2015 1:59 PM

March 2015

Thank you

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Answer by Vincent Séguin, Jul 10, 2014 7:53 PM


You could use the 'data-query-override' property on the TopFieldSuggestions component. See it documented here : TopFieldSuggestions Component

Basically, you could add a QRE for your field there. Something like

data-query-override="$qre(expression:'<%= ToCoveoFieldName("myfield")=something', modifier:'75')"

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Comment by Martin Laporte, Jul 11, 2014 3:04 AM

But only if you're using this component to get completions. There are other components doing that too (ex: the one that uses analytics).

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Answer by dlanglois, Jul 11, 2014 8:04 AM


I've tried the queryoverride feature and it doesn't work. This is what I've got:

I've tried a lot of combination, doesn't work either.

Thank you for you help.

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Answer by dlanglois, Jul 11, 2014 8:05 AM

<div class="CoveoTopFieldSuggestions" data-field="@technotitle" data-header-title="Title" data-id="technotitle" data-query-override="$qre(expression:'@technotemplatename=Course', modifier:'1000000')"></div>
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