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Question by deepak_raghav, Dec 18, 2014 1:02 AM

Coveo Indexing on excluding items

I’m using Sitecore 7.2 in my project with Coveo free edition installed. I want to exclude certain templates from getting indexed. I tried creating a Custom IndexingProject and excluded those in that project and added that dll to my site. I have also changed the Inbound Filter Config in the Coveo Search Provider and Sitecore Search as well but I’m unable to the get the output, getting as error saying,

SearchConfiguration is not configured correctly. ContentSearchConfiguration was expected but System.String was returned.

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Comment by deepak_raghav, Dec 18, 2014 8:59 AM

I'm using the Below configuration in Coveo.SearchProvider config to exlude all the items that are created using this template


And i'm rebuilding the Master-Index from sitecore and when i do a search still the items are coming up. How to achieve this? I want all the Items using the above template to not get indexed and not show up in Search results.

Please Help

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Comment by Jean-François L'Heureux, Dec 18, 2014 9:29 AM

Can you paste your entire section please? Can you tell me what is the parent element name in the configuration file please?

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Comment by deepak_raghav, Dec 19, 2014 2:28 AM

I'm putting the tag under the tag in coveo search provider config file. {9E1A31E3-F063-4F3B-8513-7FA4B7EA4985} {18631981-463E-436C-AFC0-9301A40DC7BA} {CB9492BF-F59A-4343-AE8C-84AD1FE2FBEA} {3EC82061-5442-45CA-8F81-D8AA0466F983} {34313BF6-6264-441C-81D0-DFB8F70A75ED} All these are the Templates i'm trying to exclude so i will exclude the items using the template

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Comment by Simon, Dec 26, 2014 9:46 AM

We are closing this question since the client wrote to Coveo Support mentioning that re-installing Coveo for Sitecore solved the issue.

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