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Question by ppande, Mar 19, 2015 1:49 PM

Get Large Set of Data


I read in one of the post earlier that you can use GetAllResults() to get all the results back. If i use 3.0.863.0 version of Coveo.SearchProvider.Linq, then I see the method. But if I use 3.0.955.0 version of Coveo.SearchProvider.Linq, then I don't have that method available.

Has this moved? Or is there another alternative to get all the results?


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Answer by Luc Bergeron, Mar 19, 2015 1:53 PM


You were right, the extension method was moved to the Coveo.SearchProvider.LinqBase assembly.


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Comment by ppande, Mar 20, 2015 1:43 AM

Yeap.. got it. I had a hunch and referenced this dll already. It works. :)


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