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Question by jakebb, May 11, 2015 3:11 PM

Indexing MadCap Flare with Coveo

We use MadCap Flare documentation software for our products and I wanted to know how to have Coveo index our product documentation.

I know that Coveo uses Flare for their own online documentation, so I'd imagine it's possible. :)

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Answer by François Dallaire, May 11, 2015 4:23 PM

We indeed use Flare at Coveo to publish the content. There are 3 options to index Flare content.

  1. Web Pages Connector – This is the simplest option to index the published content of the Flare Web target (see Web Pages Connector). The main inconvenient is that you index the whole page (including the header and the TOC side panel) for each topic, not just the topic content itself.
  2. File connector – If your Coveo instance has access to the Flare source files somewhere, you can also use the File Connector to directly index the content of the topic files only (see File Connector). However, if the Flare target is a web output, you must do some post-conversion processing such as modifying clickable URIs so that users clicking a search result open the corresponding web page, not the source file on the server. We used this option until recently for our online help.
  3. Web Scraper Connector – We currently use the Web Scraper connector to create the online help source. This connector requires an xpath based configuration file to identify topics to index (typically using the sitemap file generated by Flare) and index the desired content from each topic. This is the most flexible option but requires developer skills to set up the configuration file. This connector is currently undocumented. If you are interested, you can contact Coveo support for assistance.
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