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Question by jpdery, Jul 13, 2015 8:41 PM

click again on same selected Page and see Pager resetting to page one.

I see this behavior having 2 CoveoPager components (JSUI) on the same page. Goal is to have one pager above ResultList, and one below.

User selects page 3 in first Pager. Page 3 appears (expected). User click again on page 3 of first Pager (dont ask me why): see pager resets to page 1, first page of results renders (unexpected; expected would have been to stay on page 3).

Know issue?

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Answer by Martin Laporte, Jul 20, 2015 4:10 AM

This probably hasn't been tested ever, but in theory it should work since pagers keep the page # in the state. I've filed a bug so we have a look at this.

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Comment by colema18, Sep 21, 2015 11:53 AM

Having the same issue, did a search before posting so please add me to the list of customers that need this to work. The other issue I see with the CoveoPager is that clicking on page 101 or higher brings the user back to page 1 with a "firstResult=0" for some reason.

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