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Question by sohel, Jul 15, 2015 9:30 PM

Remote CES to index local Sitecore

How can I configure Coveo for Sitecore on my localhost for CES running on a remote server? The setup works fine for our Test environment that is accessible via different host.

I see this error when I try to update content security cache:

7/16/2015 1:11:32 AM | The security provider "Sitecore Security Provider for WIN-TS213-ER" has encountered a fatal exception: class CSP::FatalException: Unable to connect to Sitecore.

The WIN-TS213-ER is my development machine. Any ideas on how to make it work with localhost?

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Answer by Simon, Jul 16, 2015 7:10 AM

All the steps are detailed here.

Tell us how it goes from here.


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