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Question by colema18, Aug 4, 2015 12:18 PM

Coveo Javascript Search Interface no data back from REST call

I have installed the Coveo Search API service (v8.0.720) and the Coveo Javascript Search Interface (v1.0.20). I have it working in some cases but not others and want some suggestions on why.

I have a sample websitesite that contains the Coveo Javascript Search Interface extracted folder in it. My local machine is called win-ddq6cc6rfur. The API Service ymal is pointing to a Coveo CES 7.0 on another server. Here is a list of what is working and not.

  • hitting http://win-ddq6cc6rfur:8080/rest/search/?errorsAsSuccess=1 returns data and seems to be accurate (displays totalCount of 167343, etc.)
  • hitting http://win-ddq6cc6rfur/coveo/all.html displays the "Oops! Something went wrong on the server. When debugging in chrome and looking at the Network I can see that CoveoJsSearch.WithDependencies.js is calling http://win-ddq6cc6rfur:8080/rest/search/?errorsAsSuccess=1 but getting nothing back (0b)
  • hitting http://localhost/coveo/all.html works. The only difference between this link and the one listed above is I am hitting localhost instead of stating the server name. No idea why one would work over the other.

The Coveo Search API log files seem to show the same log entry for both calls but the one that returns 0 bytes is faster assuming because there is no data being returned but the Response status for both is 200.

10:52:48.691 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - REQUEST /rest/search on HttpChannelOverHttp@52d9c8a9{r=1,a=DISPATCHED,uri=/rest/search}
10:52:49.236 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG - Authenticated Authentication(List(UserId(MEAUHQ\James.Coleman,Active Directory,User)),None,Set())
10:52:49.254 [qtp1572098393-30] INFO  c.c.s.a.i.SearchSessionFactory - Creating new local session with key: https://vhcoveodev01:52810@UserId(MEAUHQ\James.Coleman,Active Directory,User,None,None)None
10:52:50.242 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG - Request to https://vhcoveodev01:52810/7.0/CoveoSearchService executed in 706ms. Response status is 200.
10:52:51.170 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG - Executed query '' in 1904ms; request: 1655ms; index: 11ms; searchUid: e7491b2a-cd86-4f88-9210-f264c5bcbba6 logEntryId:212302173773997261
10:52:51.273 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - RESPONSE /rest/search  200 handled=true
10:52:51.483 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - REQUEST /favicon.ico on HttpChannelOverHttp@52d9c8a9{r=2,a=DISPATCHED,uri=/favicon.ico}
10:52:51.499 [qtp1572098393-30] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - RESPONSE /favicon.ico  200 handled=true
10:52:57.416 [qtp1572098393-29] DEBUG org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - REQUEST /rest/search/ on HttpChannelOverHttp@52d9c8a9{r=3,a=DISPATCHED,uri=/rest/search/}
10:52:57.526 [qtp1572098393-29] DEBUG - Authenticated Authentication(List(UserId(MEAUHQ\James.Coleman,Active Directory,User)),None,Set())
10:52:57.693 [qtp1572098393-29] DEBUG - Request to https://vhcoveodev01:52810/7.0/CoveoSearchService executed in 89ms. Response status is 200.
10:52:58.054 [qtp1572098393-29] DEBUG - Executed query '' in 521ms; request: 491ms; index: 16ms; searchUid: b00d13de-6c91-4904-a5b1-7b975b977a9a 

Any ideas or things to try would be greatly appreciated.


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Answer by colema18, Aug 4, 2015 12:37 PM

I think I found the fix but I will answer here instead of remove the question in case someone else runs into the problem. I added http: allowedDomains: - "*" to the yml file and it seems to be working now.

    - "*"
  port: 8080
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