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Question by jvohs5, Jan 8, 2016 11:40 AM

CES Service Crashing - BinaryStreamGetEOFException

The system that hosts a dev environment recently hung and had to be manually rebooted. Since the manually restart, the CES 7 service will not stay running. The service starts, then immediately shuts down.

212319071860097341|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:40|0|Coveo Enterprise Search version 7.0.7914.0.|||
212319071860097342|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:40|0|Using MemPoolMT + runtime version 2.6 memory allocator.|||
212319071860097343|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:40|0|Loading the configuration from C:\_SITES\devsite\Data\Coveo\Config\config.bin.|||
212319071860097344|WARNING|2016-01-08|09:57:40|0|The mail alert system is not properly configured.|||
212319071860097345|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:40|0|Starting the instance: default|||
212319071860097346|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Starting the mirror Default.|||
212319071860097346|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0.015|Default on localhost mirror is started.|||
212319071860097347|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Starting the slice Default on localhost.|||
212319071860097347|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0.016|Default slice started on localhost.|||
212319071860097349|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Proceeding with recovery|||
212319071860097350|ERROR|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|class CGL::BinaryStreamGetEOFException|||
212319071860097351|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Stopping the instance: default|||
212319071860097352|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Shutting down the crawlers.|||
212319071860097352|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|The crawlers are stopped.|||
212319071860097353|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Shutting down the converters.|||
212319071860097353|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|The converters are stopped.|||
212319071860097354|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:45|0|Shutting down the indexes.|||
212319071860097354|NORMAL|2016-01-08|09:57:47|2.64|All indexes are stopped.|||
212319071860097355|IMPORTANT|2016-01-08|09:57:47|0|The instance is stopped.|||

Event viewer shows a Service Control Manager error: The Coveo Enterprise Search 7 x64 service terminated with the following service-specific error: The operation completed successfully.

CES also logs "class CGL::BinaryStreamGetEOFException" in the application log in Event Viewer.

This is a Coveo for Sitecore installation if it matters. I've ran a repair on CES, but it didn't change anything. The error leads me to believe it has something to do with a corrupt file. I'm willing to delete the index files and starting over if that may solve the problem. Just not sure about how to go about doing so.

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Comment by Jean-François L'Heureux, Jan 8, 2016 12:38 PM

Hi Josh,

Your post is not really a question. It is more a crash of the system. You should fill a support case instead to get help from the Coveo support team to recover from this crash.


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Answer by jvohs5, Jan 8, 2016 1:21 PM

Thank you.

Just in case this question is helpful to anyone else, I was able to get the service started by renaming the Coveo Index Path (where settings/indexes are stored) to .old, which forced the service to recreate it. Of course all my indexes, etc, were gone, but it got my dev environment working again.

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