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Question by Nicolas Bernier, Jun 7, 2016 1:46 PM

Iindexing Sitecore Media Library

Hi, Following this tutorial : I found it a bit hard to understand. I cannot make it work. My media library content are not indexed.

I went to the search page under the site content tree and open the the presentation layout and click on edit for the search component. Is this the proper place? I then added the specifed filter and rebuilt all the indexes. I can't see the document in the index browser. alt text

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Comment by Jean-François L'Heureux, Jun 7, 2016 3:30 PM

Hi Nicolas,

Clearly, comparing the _path field value with the string "Documents" won't work as this field is storing the Short ID of an item and the Short ID of its parents.

First, try without any filtering rule. You need to make sure the media library items are displayed. Then, you will be able to add a filtering rule to only show the media library items if you want.

Can you give me which version of the software are you using?

  • Coveo for Sitecore 3.0 or 4.0, which build number?
  • Coveo Cloud or Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 (which build number)?
  • Coveo Search API build number (if on-premises)?

Thank you,


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Comment by Nicolas Bernier, Jun 7, 2016 10:39 PM

Actually, what I entered in the box was the id of the document folder which was translated to document after hitting enter. Is this only a search filter?

I see in the Index Browser that my media library is not indexed with or without the filter.

We have:

  • Coveo For Sitecore 3 : Build 3.0.1266
  • CES on-premise: 7.0 x64 Build 8225.0
  • I am not sure about the API but it was compatible with those releases.
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Answer by Nicolas Bernier, Jun 8, 2016 7:54 AM

After digging into the client customization i realized that there was a CoveoInboundFilterProcessor that restricted the media library item.

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