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Question by Alok Gupta, Jun 8, 2016 12:22 PM

Push Api - Secured content, permissions not working


I created a push source with secured option and added permission sets through the python codebase provided @ . I can see the documents got pushed to cloud v2 index successfully. However, When i visit content browser, documents are not displayed in search results. If I select "View All Content" Advance settings, I can see the documents in the search results.

I added the following permissions to each of the documents pushed through python code base. This should allow me to view the documents in the content browser without checking the Advance setting/View All Content.

'Permissions':[{ 'PermissionSets':[{'AllowedPermissions':[{ 'IdentityType':'User', 'Identity':''}], 'DeniedPermissions':[] }] }]

If I check the permission of these documents using content browser, I can see the permissions are correctly assigned but are not associated with any security provider. I tried adding a 'SecurityProvider" attribute but that didn't help.

'Permissions':[{ 'PermissionSets':[{'AllowedPermissions':[{'SecurityProvider':'Email Security Provider',  'IdentityType':'User', 'Identity':''}], 'DeniedPermissions':[] }] }]

See permissions set screenshot


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Answer by baudet, Jun 8, 2016 2:23 PM

Hello agupta,

did you provide the exact same payload during every times you pushed that particular document ? For example, when you did not specify any security provider name and when you did ? We just tried the scenario when it's the same payload but only the provider name being added and it worked.

I suspect something in your payload may result in your new pushed document being rejected in the pipeline. You might be seeing an old version in the index. I would recommend trying to push with minimal properties (such as documentId and Permissions) first and then adding desired metadatas.

Tell me how it goes,


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Comment by Alok Gupta, Jun 8, 2016 2:44 PM

It worked after I deleted all the additional tags. Thanks for your help.

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