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Question by homeseal, Jun 30, 2016 11:11 AM

Top Contributors-case deflection

Hi, I am a new admin to coveo. I saw an interesting dahsboard on page 8 of this report: I was especially interested in the 'Top Contributors-Case Deflection' card but the article does not give an example of the report (how it was built). When I search in Google for any coveo report tutorials, I do not find any. Does anyone know where to find example cards/dashboards? If not, could someone please let me know some hints on how to create the one 'Top Contributors' card? Thanks,

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Answer by Simon, Jun 30, 2016 5:20 PM


You can send any time of metadata from the Coveo JavaScript UI :

In this case, the custom metadata would be the author of the document clicked.

So if you have a case creation panel leveraging Coveo (case deflection) and a user clicks on a document instead of creating a case, grab the author of the clicked document and send it as a custom event.

From there, you can create your custom dimension based on that received metadata:

Once you have that dimension, use it to build your custom card.


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