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Question by Daniel Campbell, Sep 22, 2016 9:21 AM

What Search Causes should be considered "manual" for the Manual Query Count Metric?

According to the Coveo Online Help about Dimensions (, each Search Cause is classed as being automatic, manual or a manual refinement; thus:

Search Cause Event Category

breadcrumbFacet PerformSearch - manual refinement

breadcrumbResetAll PerformSearch - manual refinement

casecontextAdd/casecontextRemove PerformSearch - manual refinement

contextRemove PerformSearch - refinement

didyoumeanAutomatic PerformSearch - automatic

didyoumeanClick PerformSearch - manual

documentField PerformSearch - manual refinement

errorBack PerformSearch - manual

errorClearQuery PerformSearch - manual

errorRetry PerformSearch - manual

facetClearAll PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetDeselect PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetExclude/facetUnexclude PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetRangeGraph PerformSearch - manual

facetRangeSlider PerformSearch - manual

facetSearch PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetSelect PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetSortValues PerformSearch - manual refinement

facetToggle PerformSearch - manual refinement

interfaceChange PerformSearch - manual

interfaceLoad PerformSearch - automatic

omniboxAnalytics PerformSearch - manual

omniboxFacet PerformSearch - manual refinement

omniboxField PerformSearch - manual

omniboxSearch PerformSearch - manual

pagePrevious PerformSearch - manual

pagerNext PerformSearch - manual

pagerNumber PerformSearch - manual

pagerScrolling PerformSearch - manual

resultsSort PerformSearch - manual refinement

searchboxAsYouType PerformSearch - automatic

searchboxClear PerformSearch - manual

searchboxSubmit PerformSearch - manual

searchFromLink PerformSearch - automatic

In summary, the Help documentation suggests that only these 4 Search Causes are "automatic": didyoumeanAutomatic interfaceLoad searchboxAsYouType searchFromLink

The rest are manual (or manual refinement).

Based on that, I would expect the Manual Query Count Metric to exclude the 4 Search Causes that are "automatic", as well as all "manual refinement" Search Causes (given this statement, "Note: Query refinements are excluded", for Manual Query Count in the Online Help about Metrics,

But when I run a report in Coveo Analytics, to show the Query Count and Manual Query Count by Search Cause for all of our available data (1 Apr 2016 - 20 Sep 2016), the output doesn't match my expectations.

Here's the output, with the Event Category of each Search Cause added alongside:

Event Category Search Cause Manual Query Count Query Count

{not in Coveo Online Help} analyticsSearchEvent 0 58187

PerformSearch - manual refinement breadcrumbFacet 0 6

PerformSearch - manual refinement breadcrumbResetAll 0 6

PerformSearch - refinement contextRemove 0 17

PerformSearch - automatic didyoumeanAutomatic 1194 1194

PerformSearch - manual didyoumeanClick 388 388

PerformSearch - manual refinement documentField 0 8

PerformSearch - manual errorClearQuery 0 1

PerformSearch - manual errorRetry 0 1

PerformSearch - manual refinement facetClearAll 0 2

PerformSearch - manual refinement facetDeselect 0 672

PerformSearch - manual refinement facetExclude 0 2

PerformSearch - manual refinement facetSelect 0 312

{not in Coveo Online Help} facetSelectAll 0 2

PerformSearch - manual refinement facetUnexclude 0 1

PerformSearch - manual interfaceChange 0 1442

PerformSearch - automatic interfaceLoad 0 612896

PerformSearch - manual omniboxAnalytics 729 729

PerformSearch - manual refinement resultsSort 0 125

PerformSearch - automatic searchboxAsYouType 38154 38154

PerformSearch - manual searchboxClear 0 1203

PerformSearch - manual searchboxSubmit 97175 97175

PerformSearch - automatic searchFromLink 346 346

All of the “manual refinement” Search Causes show a count of 0 for Manual Query Count, which is what I would expect from the Online Help.

Similarly, one of the “automatic” Search Causes, interfaceLoad, shows a count of 0 for Manual Query Count, as expected.

And three of the “manual” Search Causes – didyoumeanClick, omniboxAnalytics, searchboxSubmit – each have a Manual Query Count greater than 0, as expected.

But the rest of it doesn’t make sense:

3 of the 4 “automatic” Search Causes have a Manual Query Count greater than 0, suggesting that each of these is being counted as “manual” in the metrics: o didyoumeanAutomatic o didyoumeanClick o searchboxAsYouType

4 of the 7 “manual” Search Causes have a Manual Query Count of 0 – even though their Query Count is greater than 0 – suggesting that each of these is being counted as “automatic” in the metrics: o errorClearQuery o errorRetry o interfaceChange o searchboxClear

Which is correct here? Is the Online Help correct about what is “manual” vs. “automatic”, and thus the Manual Query Count Metric is being calculated incorrectly (i.e., including/excluding the wrong Search Causes) in Coveo Analytics? Or is Coveo Analytics correct about what Search Cause is or is not “manual”, while the Online Help is wrong?

Or am I completely misunderstanding both?

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Answer by gminero, Sep 22, 2016 9:37 AM

Hi, the documentation is being updated as we speak.

but to address some of your questions, didyoumeanAutomatic, didyoumeanClick and searchboxAsYouType are manual causes while errorClearQuery, errorRetry, interfaceChange and searchboxClear are automatic.

We will update you once the documentation has been updated so you can review and let us know if you have any further questions.


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Comment by Daniel Campbell, Sep 22, 2016 9:47 AM

Thank you!

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Comment by Daniel Campbell, Sep 26, 2016 9:43 AM

What is the ETA for the documentation being updated?

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Comment by gminero, Sep 26, 2016 10:12 AM

Yes, Please check and let me know if further questions come up. Thanks

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Comment by gminero, Sep 27, 2016 4:17 PM

oops, by yes, I meant it is available since the 26th. My apologies

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