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Question by ken thomas, Jun 20, 2017 10:38 PM

how to get analytics data for a specific pipeline

Click Origin 1 (Page/Hub)

Custom Event Origin 1 (Page/Hub)

Origin 1 (Page/Hub)

Search Origin 1 (Page/Hub)

These are all related to the pipeline, since they are about Origin 1 and the Page/Hub.

These 4 items, how are they different and when should they be used as filters to get answers in analytics? I have read and it is still 100% not clear. are the related in some way, by set theory, does one always include one or more of the others?

For example, If I want to get the number of clicks on results in a certain pipeline, which one should I use as the filter? It is 100% not clear what these are and when they should be used and for what.

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Answer by jrochette, Jun 22, 2017 12:25 PM


Can you point me to what is unclear in the documentation? Is seems clear to me...

Regarding your question, I hope this information will help:

  • Click Origin 1 (Page/Hub) -> Only in clicks
  • Custom Event Origin 1 (Page/Hub) -> Only in custom events
  • Search Origin 1 (Page/Hub) -> Only in searches
  • Origin 1 (Page/Hub) -> In all event types, the information will be fetched according to the request (based on the other filters, dimensions and metrics)

Regarding your example "If I want to get the number of clicks on results in a certain pipeline", you should use Click Origin 1 (Page/Hub), as what you want is the number of clicks.

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Comment by ken thomas, Jun 27, 2017 7:08 PM

It is not clear at all. when is something a custom event? when is it a search event? when is it a click event? why would you use Origin 1 instead of Click Origin 1? the logic of what each *one is, when it applies, how it works, is 100% unclear *to me.

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Comment by ken thomas, Jun 27, 2017 8:04 PM

I did not implement anything. I am not the admin of the system. I am seeing odd data in the reports based on using the various 4 different varieties of origin 1.
For the same period of time, Custom Event Origin 1 (Page/Hub) gives 616 clicks. Origin 1 (Page/Hub) gives 71 clicks.

If, as you claim, Origin 1 includes all of the others, why is it less for this one? That makes no sense. I would like to understand what is the proper filter to use for Origin 1, in order to count all of the clicks in a certain pipeline and why they give different number that do not seem to make any sense. If I get any answers from my success manager about this maybe I will share back here.

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