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Question by rloeb, Jan 10, 2018 10:07 PM

RankingInfo coming back as null or Total weight:0

For the rest api I have "enableRankingInformation": true in my query json, yet every result has either "rankingInfo" : null or "\nTotal weight: 0\n"

Is there anything else I need to do to get this working?

UPDATE: I do get some responses when I do not sort by any column, but something like "sortCriteria": "@publisheddatenew descending", gets me all nulls. Is that expected?

Also, do I need to use <IndexAnalyticsFields>true</IndexAnalyticsFields> or will it still work if false?

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Comment by François Lachance-Guillemette, Jan 10, 2018 10:24 PM

Are you sorting by Relevancy? No ranking is required if your are using an alphabetical or field sort

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