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Question by sara, Apr 24, 2018 6:38 PM

Use of permanentid field in Push API sources


We have a Push API source. The URLs in the source are unique, so we understood from the documentation that we don't have a need to populate a "permanentid" field.

Is this understanding correct?

Will this have any negative impact on Coveo ML if there is no permanentid field for these items?


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Answer by bcarroll, Apr 27, 2018 11:43 PM

Hi Sara,

This shouldn't be a problem: per our online help document about the permanent ID field:

The Coveo ML models update take the contentIdKey field and the contentIdValue metadata passed in usage analytics events to identify each item to learn from, using the urihash as a fallback. The transition from the urihash to the permanentid fields is therefore automatic. Within an index or even a source, items may be identified using either fields.

So as long as you're not sending heavily customized click events which don't include the URI hash for those push items, you're good to go.

Further down the page, there's some guidance on how to provide permanentId fields in the Push API, but even then, the qualification is:

…when the URI is not a unique identifier…

…and per your comments it sounds like that's not an issue.

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Comment by sara, Apr 27, 2018 11:46 PM

Great, thanks Ben!

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