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Question by marnocha, Apr 27, 2018 1:50 PM

Can you exclude a field from search results for a specific search interface?

The scenario I have:

-We have multiple Coveo Hive search pages on a site

-Specifically we have a "Find a Doctor" results page, and a "Site Search" results page

-On the "Find a Doctor" search page we don't want to include matches in certain fields

-On the "Site Search" search page we DO want to include matches in those fields

I know we can wrap the HTML in NO INDEX and configure Sitecore to exclude those fields from search, but that removes the results/matches from both search interfaces. I think we need the fields in the Coveo index, but then the results will show on both pages.

Solutions I am considering:

A-Try to use boosting or manipulation of the ranking in a way that ignores the fields on the Find a Doctor page

B-If it were just traditional Sitecore/Lucene I would create a separate index for this specific page. Is this possible in Coveo - how do you create another coveo index, and how do you tell a specific search interface to use that index?

Any other ideas on solving this problem?


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Answer by Jean-François L'Heureux, May 2, 2018 9:54 AM

As @François Lachance-Guillemette mentioned, the Coveo search index defines fields that are free-text searchable before indexing happens, not at query time. Thus, you will have to hack something to get the desired result.

I do not think a ranking expression is the solution as the user query can have multiple keywords.

I propose to duplicate the doctors items in the index. The original version with the education field, a second version without this field.

I do not suggest creating a separate index as there is no easy way to tell the Coveo for Sitecore UI components to use a specific index. The choice is made by processors in a pipeline.

Instead, I suggest to create and add a processor to the `coveoPostItemProcessingPipeline`. This processor receives a `CoveoIndexableItem` object and returns a a collection of `CoveoIndexableItem` objects. So you can duplicate an item and add it to the collection when the original object is a doctor item. You would strip the undesired fields content, ensure the URI or this duplicate item is different, and set something unique on those duplicates to easily select them with a query filter in the doctors page.

You can find details about this processor in the documentation:

In your new `CoveoIndexableItem`, you must ensure the `UniqueId` and `Uri` properties values are different from the original object and are unique in the Coveo source. A good solution is to append a suffix to the original values.

When you will have the doctors indexed twice, you can add a query filter to your doctors search page to only search for those duplicated doctor items that have stripped field values.

I hope this helps.


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Answer by François Lachance-Guillemette, Apr 27, 2018 2:55 PM

First, I wonder if what you need is a simple filter on this "Find a Doctor" page. If you don't want the field to match the keywords, should those items not be shown at all?

But let's still consider a solution for this problem.

The feature you are talking about is called Free-Text Search, and there is no way to change this directly for a specific field.

But I think you could simulate this behavior in the Coveo Cloud Platform by creating a pipeline, and ranking down the document if it matches the current query.

Get into the Query Pipeline section, then select your pipeline.

Select the "Ranking Expression" tab, and click on *Add Rule with code*.

Put the following code:

boost `@YOURFIELDNAMEHERE=$query` by -400

This will make so that if the field contains the current keywords, they will be ranked down a little, negating the score that index adds for the matching Free-Text search.

Now, all you need to do is change your pipeline in the Search Interface that needs this rule.


Creating a second index just to have one different field configuration seems overkill for me.

Since Coveo is a unified index engine, you would have to ensure that documents from only one index is returned.

I would rather try to mess a little with the ranking than bother with this kind of behavior.

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Comment by marnocha, Apr 27, 2018 7:39 PM

Thanks François. That is the path I was considering. The client doesn't want the results to show at all. I'm assuming negative boost would just reduce their relevancy/ranking score and they would still show right? The other problem is the results are sorted by name so if ranking was reduced, but not hidden they would still show as normal.

Another angle I was thinking of was essentially having a duplicate record in Sitecore with a different template. The second version of the item would have a different template that wouldn't show the fields we want to exclude. Then the page can query just those results, but we could manipulate the URL to point to the original item when clicked? Just thinking of other options?

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