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Question by Gordon Kessler, Nov 9, 2018 3:12 PM

Does the Coveo Cloud Web Source support SAML SSO authentication?

I need to create a few sources in Coveo Cloud that are behind OneLogin SAML SSO authentication. Does Coveo Cloud Web Source support this or is there another connector I should be considering? I found this enhancement request ( and was wondering if it was implemented. If any source connectors support SAML SSO, I would appreciate any links to articles or examples implementing this.


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Answer by ldblanchet, Nov 9, 2018 3:37 PM

Support of SSOs depend on each connector, as APIs changes between systems we crawl.

You mention the Web Connector, which does not support SSOs. However, for Web crawling, it is generally pretty difficult to support SSOs efficiently and the best way to retrieve the content is to allow the connector to perform a form authentication to your web site, which are usually offered by SSO providers. This page should help you configure your source properly :

We have successfully crawled Web sites behind OneLogin in the past, the form auth page is usually something in this format : https://{yourorgname} . The Automatic Form Detection feature of our Web Connector should (again depending on your particular implementation of OneLogin) be able to connect and crawl your web site.

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