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Question by, Jan 10, 2019 6:34 PM

Remove Searchbox from Search Result Page and add the same Search Box to Global Site Search

I need to implement the functionality where I need to remove the Search box from the search result page and need to add the same on Global SIte Search (It will show each page of site).

What I have done for this -

1. Added Coveo Search Resource rendering and added datasource to it.

2. Added Global Coveo Search Box and added datasource to same.

I can see a search box in header but Auto Complete/Auto Suggest keyword is not working here.

Also when I am removing the Search Box from the Search Result page then Keyword search is not working.

If I am not removing the search box from search result page then I can see an error in browser console "Uncaught (in promise) Cancelling current pending query".

What is the best way to remove the Search Box from the Search result page and add the same into Global SIte Search with AutoSuggest keyword functionality?

I am using Coveo 4 Sitecore 4.1 with Coveo Hive.

Any Help would be appricated!

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Answer by Vincent, Jan 10, 2019 8:00 PM

Hi Yogesh!

If you want to use a Global Search Box for the header of your web site and as well as the main search box of your search interface, you need to wrap it in an External Component section. Please refer to this documentation.

To get query suggestions, you need to:

  1. Track the analytics properly (searches and clicks)
  2. Create a ML Model in your query pipeline

If you are not sure how to complete these two steps, you can ask advanced architectural help from your Client Executive, open a support ticket, or post more questions here!

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