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Question by, Mar 27, 2019 11:06 AM

Append HTML to Sitecore Coveo hive omni box result

Hi Team,

I am having a requirement to add a "view all result" button at the end of Sitecore Coveo hive omni box suggestion result. Adding a screenshot for better visual.

I have tried many options but still not able to achieve this. If someone can help me with this then it would be great.

Adding the Sitecore and Coveo versions below:

Coveo for Sitecore 82 Cloud Trial - Cloud

Sitecore.NET 8.2 (rev. 161115)



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Comment by Simon, Mar 27, 2019 2:16 PM

Just a question, why are you using one of the oldest version of 4.1? I would suggest to use the latest version 5.

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Answer by dauclair, Mar 27, 2019 2:04 PM

Hi Asit,

Just as a reminder, the omnibox result has the query as you type behavior, it is important to know that this will query the index at every keystroke and therefore count against your entitlement of queries per month. Also worth noting that it doesn't leverage Machine Learning.

What you might want to consider is to instead use query suggestions, you can read about the difference in this article

As for having a view all result at the bottom of the search box, this is a custom behavior meaning you would have to modify the typescript component to be able to get this behavior. My suggestion would be to look at if there is more than one query/result being suggested and if yes add a button at the end of the list.

You can look at the custom component tutorial, although in your case you wouldn't create a whole new component but rather extend an already existing typescript component.

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