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Question by jpalbuja, Dec 15, 2015 4:04 PM

Why is necessary a domain administrator use to run the Coveo Service?

Hi everyone, I am just curious to know the following.

According to

It is necessary to use a Domain Administrator user to install Coveo, specially when the server is in a domain. Can you guys explain to me little bit why is this? and is not possible to use just a Local User? In my local machine that is not part of a domain I used a Local Administrator correctly, but I recall that when I tried to use a local user in a server machine that was in a domain I experimented issues like the Account is invalid.


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Answer by dblanchette, Dec 17, 2015 5:40 PM


If the server is not in a domain, there is no such requirement.

In the case where the machine is in a domain, you do not need to have a domain Administrator, but you need a user that is part of the domain and has access to the documents you want to index.

The domain user will also be used to expand AD groups, like in the case you specify an AD group as administrators of your CES server. Your user will need read access to group membership information.

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