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Question by Daniel Campbell, Sep 29, 2016 3:26 PM

Indexed Source not showing in search results

We're using Coveo Cloud and adding some new Sources to our Sandbox instance of Coveo. I'm following the online help to do so; e.g.

The instructions make sense, and once a source is added (e.g. YouTube, Web), I can find it via the Content Browser. But when I go to our sandbox Knowledge Base to search for information from a specific source (e.g., the specific title of a YouTube video), I cannot bring it up.

For example, I add a YouTube Channel and then use the Content Browser to search for Video A. The Content Browser brings up Video A with no trouble. I then go to our sandbox KB, which is based on our sandbox instance of Coveo, and search for Video A (which has a unique title) and get 0 results.

I feel like there's some additional step necessary to get the Source working properly within our sandbox KB - beyond just adding the Source (e.g. per these instructions,

What else should I be doing? How can I trouble-shoot to determine what's going wrong between sandbox Coveo and sandbox KB?

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Answer by gminero, Oct 4, 2016 2:22 PM


The documents should be available in the search Out of the Box. if this is not the case, there is probably a customization in the implementation. If this is the case, we will require further details in regards to the last (implementation) otherwise, if Out of the Box you don't see the documents, I would suggest opening a Support ticket for further troubleshooting.

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Answer by JFCG, Oct 10, 2016 3:26 PM

Even though you've selected an answer, I'd just like to opine that the issue very likely was at the level of the search in your Knowledge Base. Being a Knowledge Base search, you or someone else probably had set search filters in order to only return KB articles or something of that nature, which would likely not have included your newly indexed Youtube videos. The solution would thus likely have been to modify said filters.

The following doc may be of use in the future.

As you'll see, you had covered the first track and certainly could have jumped to point 5.

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Comment by Daniel Campbell, Oct 10, 2016 3:48 PM

I did control for the possibility you describe: e.g. I filtered down to only videos, then searched for the video titles (and got no results or wrong results among videos). Thank you for the link!

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