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Question by mdazzo, Dec 13, 2018 10:30 PM

Diagnostic loads shell but just spins

After installing Coveo for Sitecore 82, in Sitecore.NET 8.2 (rev. 170728) on my local workstation (confirmed on a dev server as well) and testing the Diagnostics page (/sitecore%20modules/Web/Coveo/Admin/CoveoDiagnosticPage.aspx) I am presented with a shell of page with "Loading..." appearing in all the checks. The page will spin forever until IIS maxes out on memory and restarts.

  • /coveo/rest api returns results.
  • I have been able to perform an initial index of web
  • Coveo admin console shows web index with items shows only usage of ports 80/443. We have outbound restrictions to only these ports from our workstations. Is there a chance that other ports are being utilized?

What other things can I check to get the diagnostics page to work correctly? I've looked at the logs and while there are a couple things in them, I believe they are unrelated.

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Answer by Hugo Santos, Dec 14, 2018 12:31 PM

Hi @mdazzo,

A couple things. Are you using an on-premises or cloud setup?

How big is the tested website?

If your site is really big, maybe the *AddTemplatesForIndexedItems* processor could be the culprit. Do you have it activated?

If you do and he is the guilty, an alternative would be replace it by the faster *AddTemplatesWithLayout* processor. More details on here.

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Comment by mdazzo, Dec 14, 2018 7:27 PM

Thanks for your reply @Hugo Santos. This is a cloud setup. This is a fairly large multi-site setup. The pipeline configuration is not leveraging either of those processors. Here is what we have (scrubbed for security):

        <processor patch:after="*[@type='Coveo.SearchProvider.InboundFilters.ApplySitecoreInboundFilterProcessor, Coveo.SearchProviderBase']" type="Coveo.SearchProvider.CoveoInboundFilters.HasLayoutInboundFilter, Coveo.SearchProviderBase">
        <processor type="Coveo.SearchProvider.Processors.HtmlContentInBodyWithRequestsProcessor, Coveo.SearchProviderBase">
        <processor type="," />

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